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Football, is a well reputed game all around the world. When we talk about the famous sports, football Cristiano Ronaldo is one name that instantly pops in your head.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been a global soccer player since the beginning of the twenty-first century. He has won numerous awards in his career as a football player.
He is the most admirable footballer of his generation and has a great influence on the youth. This is because of the record-breaking goals he has made in the history of sports scores. His amazing footwork, keen eye for the goal and showmanship not only has made him a famous figure yet a remarkable football player in the history of football. His name is mentioned in almost every sports article that is related to football.
However, this Portuguese heartthrob has taught the world few lessons:
1. Always Be Positive:
Cristiano Ronaldo belonged to a humble family and was the youngest. Being the youngest son, he was very emotional and would break into tears every now and then. He was called a “cry baby”.
At the age of 15, he was diagnosed with a racing heart, which is certain heart disorder in which the heart may beat faster than its normal rate while at rest. However, he was on the fields of the well-famed sports, football as soon as his surgery was successful. He rested for only few days and with determination, prepared for his professional debut.
He fought all odds that led his way and always stood by his passion to become a soccer player. He is a role model for many, and teaches us how to be optimistic always.
2. Prioritize Relationships in life:
In most cases, fame overpowers a person's personality and he may forget his roots. However, Cristiano has proved this wrong. He has considered his friend, Albert Fantrau to be the reason behind his lucky break.
Cristiano and Albert played together to acquire a place in Lisbon. The criteria for selection was to score maximum goals. When it was time to hit the last goal, Albert passed the ball to Ronaldo and hence Cristiano achieved the highest sports scores and was selected.
However, Cristiano didn't forget this favor and still remembers his friend.
3. The Art of giving:
Cristiano has always made a difference in the society by donating as much as possible. He is a devout blood donor and he even sold his golden boot to fund schools in Gaza.
Ronaldo even donated his bone marrow to help his teammate's son. He has always believed in giving to the society as much as he can.
4. Make your presence affective:
Cristiano Ronaldo has made his presence felt by the world. He always had a competitive spirit and won about 29 trophies. He made his name a brand which is known by people round the globe.
Ronaldo's name is mentioned in numerous sports articles and newspapers and has become a role model for many struggling individuals. He is a true inspiration and continues to be so.


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