Unmissable Sporting Events


Le Mans 24 Hours

This is a year with a sports events schedule that has one of the most remarkable sports events that cannot be missed. Let's have a look:

Le Mans 24 Hours
This sports event of automobile car racing covers the denotations of strength, speed and skill driving. Automobile Club de L'Ouest structures this intense race, on the bridges of automotive circuits. The race takes place on a non-permanent track at the Circuit de La Sarthe around the city of Le Mans situated on the Sarthe River. Race starts with a competition between 46 cars, in accordance with their classes, that includes high-performance vehicles, that are purely race dedicated cars and streetcars. The title of winner is given to a team set of three drivers that cover the maximum distance in the duration of 24 hours. First time the event was held in May 1923, since then it is held annually every year.
Olympic Games
This is one of the most awaited events of all time. The Olympics has become one of the greatest and modern sports events. This event lasts for about two weeks, where athletes from all around the globe compete each other in order to bring pride to their country. Olympic Games have two categories, Summer Games and Winter Games. The Summer Games of Olympics took its start from the late 1800s. The winter games involving sports of snow and ice, has less completion in comparison to the summer games but the competition to win the first position remains the same. When an Olympic game takes places, a torch is flamed somewhere in the world, in order to bring the attention that the Olympic Games will begin soon. All of this played on news channels as the sports breaking news.
World Cup Soccer
This soccer event holds the power to stop people from whatever they are doing and watch it. This event comes in every four years' time. A game of thirty-two nations is held but the enthusiasm and energy of billions of people is involved. Everyone follows the event eagerly just to know who wins the title of World Soccer Championship. Qualifying rounds are of 3 years duration, therefore only the teams with best skills and strategies manage to reach the qualifying round. The final of this soccer event is one of the most intense and involves a rollercoaster ride of emotions.
Super Bowl
Hype of Super Bowl could be measured by the number of commercials that release during this sports event. Super Bowl takes place in the United States. The start of this sporting event was in January 1967 and was a great disaster. The event had plenty of empty seats with an alarming tv audience. This even made its way to the sports news headlines. However, Super Bowl includes 16 regular game seasons with one game professional championship.
National Basketball Championship is one of the most popular basketball Championships. To qualify for this championship, teams need to go through a set of at least 93 games and to achieve the title of the championship they need to go through a set of four games. NBA is watched with great enthusiasm and a vast number of celebrities are seen to be advertising this championship. Basketball has gone under a revolutionary process in the past decades, but what has grown is the love of this game in human beings.


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