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Ever wondered what it is like to play tennis in the valley of the Swiss mountains or a having a breath-taking view while enjoying the game. Today sports is not just about playing a game in an open fiel but also about the ambience of the area where the match is played. Well, this article will ponder on the few of the most amazing tennis courts:

Monte Carlo Country Club:
Regardless of its name, the club is not located in the Monte Carlo or even in Manco. It is basically located in the commune of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and in the Alpes Maritimes, which is a department in France, beside the northeastern border of Monaco.
The place is for ultimate luxury with great ambience. The club has one of the most gigantic casino and a beach along with a cactus garden. Lifts are available every-where. If you are a lover of sports events related to tennis and love the game itself, then this club will surely raise the bars of your expectations.
Roy Emerson Arena:
Roy Emerson Arena is located at a very beautiful location in the Swiss Alps in Gstaad, Switzerland. According to a recent sports news channel the stadium holds a capacity of 4,500 people. It is named in the honor of Roy Emerson who was a 12-time Grand Slam Champion and five-time winner of Gstaad tournament. It was opened in the year 1991. This stadium has weeklong tennis matches where the visitors can play tennis for up to five hours a day with an amazing view at an elevation of 3,000 feet. The best thing about this stadium is that you can train yourself while enjoying the beauty of nature.
Antigua Curtain Bluff:
The Antigua Curtain Bluff comprises of four tennis courts that provide a scenic view along with seasonal sports events related to tennis. The court is a few steps away from the beach and provides a dazzling view of the beautiful white sand beaches of the Caribbean.
II San Pietro Di Positano Resort:
No wonder celebrities like George Clooney enjoys this luxury resort along an epic seaside tennis court and brings this tennis court's name in the latest sports news channel every now and then. The tennis court is situated 384 steps down the hotel in between the limestone cliffs. It provides an amazing view of the tides of the sea along with breathtaking mountains around. One must book this court and enjoy the sunset.
The Infinity Tennis Court:
This court comes under the eleven most stunning courts in the world. It is built by an architect Duncan Nicholson and is the residence of the famous James Goldstein. This tennis court has been mentioned a couple of times in various sports news headlines as it has been a host to many CEOs and was also featured in a film known as the “The Big Lebowski”. It is located in Los Angeles.
Singita Sabora Camp:
The court is placed in between the African wilderness of Tanzania. The beauty of it is that it gives you an insane view that stretches along the African National park. This tennis court has a refreshing feel and has been mentioned as one of the best tennis courts in today's sports articles.
Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court:
Bunabhainneadar court is located in the valley of Scotland among the cliffs and hills with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. This court is considered to be one of the most spectacular tennis courts across the globe. Various sports events related to tennis take place here. It is run by a charitable foundation under the guidance of tennis coach Mike Briggs.
Grand Hyatt Sky Court Denver:
Enjoy your game in the sky rooftop of Grand Hyatt Hotel located in Denver with a breathtaking view of skylines and Rocky Mountains. This tennis court had been in the sports news channels for quite some time due to its reopening.


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