Spanish Tennis Star Gets Engaged


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Looks like wedding bells have started to ring. Spanish Tennis Star Rafael Nadal is engaged to this long-term girlfriend, who has been with him through thick and thins of 14 years. For over 10 years, this winner of Australian Open 2019 has seen his woman cheering him at a few sport events, so have the fans.

The couple has planned their wedding in Mallorca in autumn the following year. The tennis star had previously hinted about his desire to have children and start a family life to a sport news reporter. Later on, he added that he had a girlfriend too and he was the only one who could take this decision.
According to a sports update in a celebrity magazine, this tennis star had already proposed Mery back in May 2018, on a romantic trip to Rome. But, kept the news of engagement private for last 8 months.
Mery's birth name is Maria Francisca Perello. This gorgeous 30-year-old brunette is an insurance worker and has a degree in business according to a latest sports news report. The couple, grew up in Palma de Majora in Spain, and knew each other since their childhood.
She is also the Director of Social Integration for the Rafael Nadal Foundation. The charity was founded almost ten years ago.
Regardless of the fact, that the couple is committed to each other, Mery seems to be a rare sight in the tennis courts on sports events, to cheer her tennis player.
She explained about it in 2011 to a sports news reporter, that Rafael always needed his space while he was competing for a tournament and with this hectic routine of his, she needed to wait all day long for her needs to be fulfilled. That was exhausting, as while he would worry about me, I would keep following him like there is a risk that we might stop being with together.
However, this did not stop her from attending the 2019 Australian open as it was a big break for the tennis player where he made it all the way to final without dropping a set. Unfortunately, he lost his final match to Novak which was all over the latest sports news channels.
The couple remains to keep their relationship private even from their families. They say this works best for them.
Ms. Mery supported through his tennis career even in the times of hardships. In 2018, Rafael went through a severe surgery after getting injured at 2018 Australian Open. While he was recovering from knee and ankle injuries there were possibilities of missing the 2019 Australian Open tour. But she made sure to keep her presence around in the difficult times of his man and gave him hopes of motivation.
According to the recent sports news channels, the couple will be possibly looking ahead to the French Open. The French open is going to take place in Paris in May.
Despite being a popular figure and his hectic routines, the couple still manages to keep their relationship healthy and strong.
A popular sport update declared Rafael to be a very good family man as regardless, of the spotlight the tennis star keeps his love life private which is the ultimate key for their relationship to be healthy.


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