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Arthur Leclerc racing sport

Arthur Leclerc has been busy lately continuing his own racing career where as his brother started his career by racing in Formula one car.

This 18-year-old tested the new range of racing cars known as Formula E for a Monaco based team from Marrakesh on 13th January 2019, according the latest sports update. His brother Charles appeared in the next Formula one season while he drove a Ferrari.
Arthur shared his gratitude on his twitter account and made sports news headlines by saying that he was very thankful for this great opportunity. He would be looking forward to get back on the driving seat and it was an honor being selected for the rookie test drive in Marrakech. He said he cherished this moment because the car was particularly special to him. He continued the sports update that he will give his best shot. His remarks on driving the formula E was that was a rising car, along with new inventions and a young championship. He looked forward to be a keen part of this team and found himself lucky enough to be chosen at this very young age and at an early stage of his career. He gave this contribution to Gildo and Susie for believing in his capabilities. This statement was sports breaking news for quite some time. The Formula E season began in Ad Diriyiah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia where Felix Da Costa took a place ahead of Jean Eric.
Charles's older brother is a very renown young racer who made his first formula one debut at the age of 21 with Sauber and was ranked as 13th in a championship where he managed to replace Kimi Raikkonen. A recent sports article specified that, Arthur Leclerc has competed in the competitions of auto racing cars and seems to have a good career a hand. He competed in the French F4 Championship a night earlier, attaining a fifth position in the season.
The Venturi Principal Susie Wolff said Arthur appears to be a well skilled racer and has shown some versatility in karting and the French Championship. This created sports news headlines. The team is looking forward to his test drive in Marrakesh. The team further said that both Noman and Arthur will play a vital role at this early stage of the season where the major development would take place. Venturi Team is co-founded by the famous and well-known star Leonardo DiCaprio as per the recent sports breaking news.
Venturi is a developer of electromobility since the year 2000. The Venturi President, Gildo Pastor laid the foundations for the Formula E World Championship. Concluding his expertise in this field, the inventor managed to bring the support behind his Formula E project and decided to unite the Venturi Formula E Team which has been a success in every season of the championship till the year 2014. The team of VENTURI has always managed to keep the work of the team exciting and full of versatile members and they are always eager to bring new talent on the ground.
A number of sport articles mentioned that Arthur and Norman participated in the rookie test which consisted of 2.99km circuit which was made of 12 turns and 3 straights along with a couple of bends where the actual driving skills and balancing the car was tested.


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