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According to a recent sports article, Kyler Murray seems to be confused in deciding that whether he will continue his passion for football or baseball. The versatile player happens to be extra talented with the skills of both sports.

Although Murray is only 5ft 9inch, he is still qualified for the baseball team. However, only five quarterbacks were selected with this height in the year 1960. The last one who got selected was Doug Flutie in the year 2005.
Murray who was a baseball player in the Oakland Athletics in summer, decided to continue football as his passion. He made the following announcement just two months before the NFL draft. According sports news, Murray happens to be on of the threatening players that the NFL teams are more than willing to take him in the team.
Murray has achieved the title of Heisman Trophy. He is said to have an electric arm and one of the best athletic skills in the field of sports.
Colin Kaepernick who happens to be the former NFL player, says that the entire situation could have been handled differently and in a better way.
Murray tweeted about his commitment and passion saying, that he has decided to fully and firmly commit to the NFL Quarterback and has even started an intense training program. He continued that football has always been his profession and his skills were meant to play the Quarterback. He has hopes of winning the NFL Championship through his hard work and determination.
Murray is expected to be on the high of many team's draft boards, but the A's will retain the rights of MLB of Murray. There are possibilities that Murray can reverse his play for Oakland.
The question that arises is that was the change in his career path personal or a financial decision.
Murray answered about this statement on twitter that it was mutual for both preferences. He even said people have a perception that a baseball player earns a healthy amount in comparison to a football player because of the guaranteed contracts or the successful quarterback provide more financial stability.
According to a recent sports news, Murray was contracted with A's with an amount of $4.66 million and the amount would have been gradually increased on the level of his grip on the sport and success rate in it. Half of the active NFL players earn about $10 million in their sports career, in comparison to the outfielders who earn about 28% of it and about 11% of NFL.
There are numerous sports articles questioning whether the $4.66 million were deposited back or not?
The answer to this question is No, Murray will return all his installments that he has received from the Oakland. He will return $1.29 million out of the $1.5 million installments. The remaining due that is $3.16 million will be returned by the date March 1.
The drawback of this decision is that he will not receive any compensation on the return in the game of baseball or in A's as they retain his rights to baseball.


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