Unmissable Sporting Events


Le Mans 24 Hours

This is a year with a sports events schedule that has one of the most remarkable sports events that cannot be missed. Let's have a look:

Le Mans 24 Hours
This sports event of automobile car racing covers the denotations of strength, speed and skill driving. Automobile Club de L'Ouest structures this intense race, on the bridges of automotive circuits. The race takes place on a non-permanent track at the Circuit de La Sarthe around the city of Le Mans situated on the Sarthe River. Race starts with a competition between 46 cars, in accordance with their classes, that includes high-performance vehicles, that are purely race dedicated cars and streetcars. The title of winner is given to a team set of three drivers that cover the maximum distance in the duration of 24 hours. First time the event was held in May 1923, since then it is held annually every year.
Olympic Games
This is one of the most awaited events of all time. The Olympics has become one of the greatest and modern sports events. This event lasts for about two weeks, where athletes from all around the globe compete each other in order to bring pride to their country. Olympic Games have two categories, Summer Games and Winter Games. The Summer Games of Olympics took its start from the late 1800s. The winter games involving sports of snow and ice, has less completion in comparison to the summer games but the competition to win the first position remains the same. When an Olympic game takes places, a torch is flamed somewhere in the world, in order to bring the attention that the Olympic Games will begin soon. All of this played on news channels as the sports breaking news.
World Cup Soccer
This soccer event holds the power to stop people from whatever they are doing and watch it. This event comes in every four years' time. A game of thirty-two nations is held but the enthusiasm and energy of billions of people is involved. Everyone follows the event eagerly just to know who wins the title of World Soccer Championship. Qualifying rounds are of 3 years duration, therefore only the teams with best skills and strategies manage to reach the qualifying round. The final of this soccer event is one of the most intense and involves a rollercoaster ride of emotions.
Super Bowl
Hype of Super Bowl could be measured by the number of commercials that release during this sports event. Super Bowl takes place in the United States. The start of this sporting event was in January 1967 and was a great disaster. The event had plenty of empty seats with an alarming tv audience. This even made its way to the sports news headlines. However, Super Bowl includes 16 regular game seasons with one game professional championship.
National Basketball Championship is one of the most popular basketball Championships. To qualify for this championship, teams need to go through a set of at least 93 games and to achieve the title of the championship they need to go through a set of four games. NBA is watched with great enthusiasm and a vast number of celebrities are seen to be advertising this championship. Basketball has gone under a revolutionary process in the past decades, but what has grown is the love of this game in human beings.


Formula One vs Formula E


Formula E sport

Formula 1, also known as the most outclass car of single seater auto racing. Formula one cars are hybrids with an open cockpit and are open wheel single seaters. The framework of this car is made with large carbon-fiber composites, making it light weight and strong in shape. The entire weight of the car is only 733 kg including the driver.

Formula one has been ruling the game of auto racing since the year 1950 and has been making sports headlines but as the technology progresses, can this single seater car be the only monopoly in racing cars or will someone bring a competitor?
Stunning Formula one cars have been ruling the motor sports news for nearly 70 years but the new Formula E in 2016 has brought a tough competition to it. Formula E is a class of auto racing car and is based on electric power. Formula E has altered the way by being more environment friendly and leaner in shape. The only question that arises in the mind of people is that will formula E replace Formula one or both will progress in the market side by side.
A survey was taken place on this behalf and a mixed reaction came from the people. Many people said they are afraid that Formula one will no longer be in demand. If the future advancements are kept in mind then there will be a very low probability of combustion racing cars allowed in certain countries, according to the latest sports news. Therefore, the Formula one has to stay either in its original position or needs to merge with the technology of formula E.
As electric cars emits less air pollution in comparison to hybrid cars, Formula one's hybrid system uses a clean energy system by breaking the emissions of combustion engines. A recruit, Felipe Massa states to sports news channels; that the world is changing at an amazing rate and the need for electric cars is growing eventually. One may see many brands have launched fully electric cars just like formula E for everyday use. Many experts believe and state in various sports articles that the merge of these two cars is considered to be impossible. Even if the formula one car wants to merge into formula E it is not a simple task as people consider it to be.
The two auto racing cars have separate identities but they fall under the same ownership of U.S Billionaire John C Malone. John Eric who happens to be the champion of Formula E, believes that the merging of these bodies is the ultimate answer. He reported to a latest sports news paper that it would probably be one of the best victories that could be won by both the parties. He explained that it would be pretty awesome if half of the season is carried out in Formula one cars and half in formula E. Whereas, Daniel Abt disagreed with this statement and said that these cars are completely opposite just like the north and south pole. Formula E is an electric car similar with an experience of street racing while the formula one has proper circuits and is possibly one of the best cars. This made its way to the media and made sports headlines.
Formula one has been an evolutionary car whereas formula e has brought revolution in the game.


Uniform Numbers to ponder upon


baseball sport numbers

Baseball has a uniform number that is worn by each player and coach. These numbers are used to identify each player on the field. These numbers were initially designed for the purpose of identification but have now become a source of emotional attachment, superstition and honor.

The number can be easily seen on the baseball player's clothes while watching any sports video related to the game itself. However, the game is finally back as soon as winter ends.
As per the latest sports news, pitchers and catchers are supposed to report to 19 training camps for their first workout sessions. However, some players are still unsigned.
The latest sports update tells us that while the spring training is conducted for pitchers and catchers there are uniform numbers that can be thought upon as pitchers and catchers.
Here are a couple of numbers to think upon as pitchers and catchers:
It signifies Machado's home runs since 2015, tied with Trout for the seventh time during that time. 42 also signifies Harper's home run titles in the eighth rank. He was the only player who was younger than Machado.
It is the age of Manny Machado and Bruce Harper. They both have 10 All- Star Game appearances but still are unsigned as the camps open.
This number represents the free agents who will soon hit the market before turning the age of 26 at least for the next four years.
This number represents Harper's career OPS which ranks sixth in baseball since his 2012 debut. Harper and Mike Trout are the only players who are not going to be 30 at the end of 2019.
43 signifies J.D Martinez's home runs in the year 2018. Just like Harper and Machado, J.D Martinez is also one of the few who did not sign a single contract since the camp has opened up.
9 signifies the number of players who have received a contract, which lasts longer than two years among which four are relief pitchers.
The above number signifies the wins of Boston Red Sox. As per recent sports update, he won the World Series after signing Martinez to a 5-year contract that was worth of $110 million.
13.9 is the strikeouts per nine innings for Kimbrel. He was an All-Star in seven of all the eight seasons.
This is the estimation of unsigned free agents. The results are calculated after going through the team of available players in All-Star, some of them are still in the play.
These are free agents whom teams guaranteed to gain an asset worth of 10 million this winter. As per the latest sports news these are names are among them; Lance Lynn, Kelvin Herrera and Garrett Richards.
$12 Million
It is the Rough estimation for the project of Oakland Athletics starting its rotation. The A's have won 97 games in the slot of last year. Mike Fiers seems to be a suitable asset in order to get profits back in 2019.
This is the number of teams that lost about 89 baseball games in the last season.


Tennis Courts Around The World


sportynew tennis sport

Ever wondered what it is like to play tennis in the valley of the Swiss mountains or a having a breath-taking view while enjoying the game. Today sports is not just about playing a game in an open fiel but also about the ambience of the area where the match is played. Well, this article will ponder on the few of the most amazing tennis courts:

Monte Carlo Country Club:
Regardless of its name, the club is not located in the Monte Carlo or even in Manco. It is basically located in the commune of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and in the Alpes Maritimes, which is a department in France, beside the northeastern border of Monaco.
The place is for ultimate luxury with great ambience. The club has one of the most gigantic casino and a beach along with a cactus garden. Lifts are available every-where. If you are a lover of sports events related to tennis and love the game itself, then this club will surely raise the bars of your expectations.
Roy Emerson Arena:
Roy Emerson Arena is located at a very beautiful location in the Swiss Alps in Gstaad, Switzerland. According to a recent sports news channel the stadium holds a capacity of 4,500 people. It is named in the honor of Roy Emerson who was a 12-time Grand Slam Champion and five-time winner of Gstaad tournament. It was opened in the year 1991. This stadium has weeklong tennis matches where the visitors can play tennis for up to five hours a day with an amazing view at an elevation of 3,000 feet. The best thing about this stadium is that you can train yourself while enjoying the beauty of nature.
Antigua Curtain Bluff:
The Antigua Curtain Bluff comprises of four tennis courts that provide a scenic view along with seasonal sports events related to tennis. The court is a few steps away from the beach and provides a dazzling view of the beautiful white sand beaches of the Caribbean.
II San Pietro Di Positano Resort:
No wonder celebrities like George Clooney enjoys this luxury resort along an epic seaside tennis court and brings this tennis court's name in the latest sports news channel every now and then. The tennis court is situated 384 steps down the hotel in between the limestone cliffs. It provides an amazing view of the tides of the sea along with breathtaking mountains around. One must book this court and enjoy the sunset.
The Infinity Tennis Court:
This court comes under the eleven most stunning courts in the world. It is built by an architect Duncan Nicholson and is the residence of the famous James Goldstein. This tennis court has been mentioned a couple of times in various sports news headlines as it has been a host to many CEOs and was also featured in a film known as the “The Big Lebowski”. It is located in Los Angeles.
Singita Sabora Camp:
The court is placed in between the African wilderness of Tanzania. The beauty of it is that it gives you an insane view that stretches along the African National park. This tennis court has a refreshing feel and has been mentioned as one of the best tennis courts in today's sports articles.
Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court:
Bunabhainneadar court is located in the valley of Scotland among the cliffs and hills with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. This court is considered to be one of the most spectacular tennis courts across the globe. Various sports events related to tennis take place here. It is run by a charitable foundation under the guidance of tennis coach Mike Briggs.
Grand Hyatt Sky Court Denver:
Enjoy your game in the sky rooftop of Grand Hyatt Hotel located in Denver with a breathtaking view of skylines and Rocky Mountains. This tennis court had been in the sports news channels for quite some time due to its reopening.


World-Wide Inspiration - Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo sport new

Football, is a well reputed game all around the world. When we talk about the famous sports, football Cristiano Ronaldo is one name that instantly pops in your head.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been a global soccer player since the beginning of the twenty-first century. He has won numerous awards in his career as a football player.
He is the most admirable footballer of his generation and has a great influence on the youth. This is because of the record-breaking goals he has made in the history of sports scores. His amazing footwork, keen eye for the goal and showmanship not only has made him a famous figure yet a remarkable football player in the history of football. His name is mentioned in almost every sports article that is related to football.
However, this Portuguese heartthrob has taught the world few lessons:
1. Always Be Positive:
Cristiano Ronaldo belonged to a humble family and was the youngest. Being the youngest son, he was very emotional and would break into tears every now and then. He was called a “cry baby”.
At the age of 15, he was diagnosed with a racing heart, which is certain heart disorder in which the heart may beat faster than its normal rate while at rest. However, he was on the fields of the well-famed sports, football as soon as his surgery was successful. He rested for only few days and with determination, prepared for his professional debut.
He fought all odds that led his way and always stood by his passion to become a soccer player. He is a role model for many, and teaches us how to be optimistic always.
2. Prioritize Relationships in life:
In most cases, fame overpowers a person's personality and he may forget his roots. However, Cristiano has proved this wrong. He has considered his friend, Albert Fantrau to be the reason behind his lucky break.
Cristiano and Albert played together to acquire a place in Lisbon. The criteria for selection was to score maximum goals. When it was time to hit the last goal, Albert passed the ball to Ronaldo and hence Cristiano achieved the highest sports scores and was selected.
However, Cristiano didn't forget this favor and still remembers his friend.
3. The Art of giving:
Cristiano has always made a difference in the society by donating as much as possible. He is a devout blood donor and he even sold his golden boot to fund schools in Gaza.
Ronaldo even donated his bone marrow to help his teammate's son. He has always believed in giving to the society as much as he can.
4. Make your presence affective:
Cristiano Ronaldo has made his presence felt by the world. He always had a competitive spirit and won about 29 trophies. He made his name a brand which is known by people round the globe.
Ronaldo's name is mentioned in numerous sports articles and newspapers and has become a role model for many struggling individuals. He is a true inspiration and continues to be so.


Rugby starts in New York


Rugby starts in New York

RUNY which stands for the Rugby United New York, is a skilled rugby union team which is based in the New York City. It creates major sports breaking news when it makes its debut as a competitive team in the Major League Rugby. It is the second season for the Major League Rugby but it is the team's first time. The Rugby United New York will be playing for the first time as a full fledge professional team.

The owner and chairman of this team James Kennedy has aimed to embrace New York by making their team colors to be the same as the state colors and also by naming their team “Rugby United New York”.
James Kennedy spoke about his team and created sports news headlines. He spoke about how he faced numerous challenges to create and bring this team to the Major League Rugby.
Challenges faced by the team and Kennedy
New York which is known as a city that never sleeps, is a huge city as compared to others but lacks in the field of sports. The other states in America such as Boston, Seattle and Philadelphia are great sports cities as compared to New York. This itself was a major difficulty as they had to do publicity stunts and shoots in every corner to create awareness among the younger generation and by making their team's name visible in the latest sports news.
Rugby is a game, which involves outdoor training. Kennedy shared another problem that was faced by the players during a nighttime training session, which was the temperature in the night fell to -20°C and there was no indoor facility available for the players. Kennedy included that for the first time it was okay but for the next season he will have to build an academy with an indoor facility.
He chose some big stars such as Foden and Chris Whyles, so that the younger players looked upon them as inspiration and they can coach them.
Kennedy adds on and tells the media that the players are very enthusiastic and foresee themselves to the next season as well as the third of the MLR. He created sports breaking news by telling the media that there are plans to spread rugby across the states.
He says he and his team plans to move forward with taking lessons from the other sports teams about how to speak to the media and create sports news headlines and how to market their team in the Major League Rugby.
Rugby United New York has to be competitive and has to create entertainment for its viewers. And if everything goes according to Kennedy's ambitious plans, it will sure be on the latest sports news in no time.


Football Goalkeeper says Farewell


Gordon Banks sports

Gordon Banks was an Englis, who was a professional football player. He played in the field of football as a goalkeeper and said goodbye to the world on February 12, 2019. He was one of the most vital players of the team. He holds 628 appearances in his 15 –year professional life with unlocking the achievement of 73 caps.

In the remembrance of this outstanding player. Let us recall some moments of his life:
Skills That Caught the Eye
According to a published sports articles about Gordon Banks, at the age of 15, he left his school and worked as a bagger with the local coal merchant. Due to this job, Banks got the opportunity to strengthen his upper body. His entrance was a luck by that time. He started playing for Millspaugh as a goal keeper, when the selected goal keeper decided not to show up for a match. The coach of Millspaugh recognized him as one of the remarkable players in his school football team in Sheffield.
First Contract Club
Gordon Banks signed his first professional football club which was chesterfield. He signed this contract part time with a wage of £3 in the year 1953. He made sports news headlines by his first debut award was received in 1958.
Second Option
In this era, Banks moved from a lower wage to a £7000, but he faced a tough competition from other five goalkeepers around him. Due to this reason the club always considered him as a second option and a sense of rivalry was among the goalkeepers. He made his debut in the city of Leicester when his fellow goalkeeper MacLaren came across an injury. His club decided to test his skills on the ground. Unfortunately, after the match he was sent back to being the second option. But after a defeat from 14 goals of the opponent team, he was called back on the grounds. He got his records set in by 73 caps in a match with scots in 1972.
Accomplishment of Silverware
This was the biggest prize he ever achieved in his football career. 1966 World Cup definitely brought luck in his career. He was ranked as no.1 and managed to keep four straight clean sheets in 3 games along with quarterfinals.
Leicester Dropped
Even after attaining the biggest prize, the club dropped him in the end of year 1966-1967 and gave Peter Shilton the preference. Regardless of being dropped, he still managed to win the league cup in 1972 and had his name published in sports headlines.
His Most Viral Save
In the game with Brazil in year 1970, he saved a goal made by Pele. This was published in many sports articles. The intensity of the goal could be described with the intensity that Pele started to celebrate his achievement while Banks stopped his goal and was recognized as the greatest save ever.
End of Career
In the year 1972 Banks came across a severe car crash. The misfortunate this car crush brought was the loss of sight in the right eye of Banks and a barrier in his football career. Still, he won the title of North American Soccer League Goalkeeper in 1977 as he played the matches with one good eye.


TOP NFL Free Agents 2019


NFL sporty new

NFL free agency 2019 is only a month away, according to sports news reports. Here is our classification of the top 25 unrestricted and free sports agents. According to the latest sports news, new league year begins on March 13, it is the time when the contract agreements are made official, deals and signings will come one after another. Prior to the madness, here is a look at the top best accessible players, who are set up to become the unrestricted sports agents, including their rankings by position and a brief review. List is updated in terms of players who have agreed along with their current teams or different veterans discharged who are unrestricted in the open market.

The list of sporting agents will serve as a tracker when the deals of sporting agents appear to go down.
1. Jadeveon Clowney, DE/OLB, Texas: He is a famous baseball player who has formed into a total, yet adaptable player to the point where he could be an amazing resource against the run when he is hurrying the passer. This sports agent will be turning 26 this Valentine's Day. Clowney needed to explore wounds in order to absorb information at the beginning of his career. However, Clowney was an outstanding Professional Bowler since the past three seasons.
2. Demarcus Lawrence, DE/OLB, Cowboys: Lawrence chilled a little last season without much help in Dallas front four, yet regardless he created 10.5 sacks and was disrupted. He is possible to be labeled once again. This 6-3ft 265 pounder and only 26 could conquer for a 3-4 defense. It would cost the Cowboys around 21 million, but Lawrence is content, despite overcoming injuries and drug suspension in his early career as per various sports news updates.
3. DT Grady Jarrett: One could review him playing when Tom Brady sacked three times in Super Bowl in a losing exertion for Atlanta. In spite of the fact, that execution was an outlier for Jarrett with 14 sacks in four regular seasons. Just 25, 6 foot and 305 pounds, this baseball player is an important weapon as Atlanta attempts to come back to NFC South unmistakable against the likes of Drew Brees.
4. Earl Thomas, S, Seahawks: Despite the fact this sports agent broke his leg against the Cowboys. Last season he proved himself that he is one of the finest sports agents in the game. With an age of 29, this sport agent still manages to provide amazing defense and create sports news headlines.
5. Trey Flowers, DE, Patriots: Flowers has always been a strength on the boundary for the New England. With the age of 25, the Patriots cannot afford to lose him as he brings outstanding leads to the game each of the past three seasons. The kind of skill he possess is something least expected from a New England defender. For an average he had 55 tackles each season since the year 2016. He does some of amazing work roasting the run.


Nadal Defeated by Novak


Nadal Defeated by Novak

On Sunday 27th January 2019, history repeated itself in the Australian Open. Seven years ago, according to sports results this exact battle took place between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in a tennis match.

Novak Djokovic earned the title of being the first man in Australian Open to conquer the seven titles.
He defeated Nadal with 6-3 6-2 6-3. This five hour and 53-minute match held in the year 2012 left everyone gasping for air and it led to be nowhere.
Nadal was the second ranked in men's final in Melbourne since the Andre Agassi was defeated. For Novak it was a moment of ultimate happiness and all the hard work seemed to have payed off. He won all the 13 service points, including his self in the 34 winners. Novak reported to sports news channels that the match was quite surprising for him, even though he had always visualized himself playing in that manner, but under those circumstances and pressure it was a perfect moment for him.
After the match, Novak shared a couple of words with the reporters and created sports headlines, in regard that this win was an absolute happiness for him but he still needed to focus on improving his skills. He further added that maintaining this win was the major task. He even said that despite his mental, physical and emotional power he wanted to compete at a high level and get closer to the records set by Roger. In order, to accomplish all of that he still needed to go way too far in his journey of tennis career.
This statement of Novak made its way to the latest sports news reports and was shown everywhere.
Novak is the same guy who conquered the top 20 last year with his elbow surgery and general malaise.
Roger and Nadal are one of the most dominant players in the field of tennis but Djokovic has started to rise too as per the recent sports results. Djokovic has a record of straight four majors against both Roger and Nadal, now 25-28 against the Mallorcan.
Nadal appreciated the game by reporting to a sports news channel that to play with a player like Novak and the way he played as a remarkable player tonight was certainly not an easy task. He continued that the defense game of Nadal was indeed to step up in that match. When Djokovic was hitting the game, it was a very difficult task to beat him even if he gave his 100% but at least he could have given him a tougher competition.
Nadal furthers told the media that he needed to practice more and wait in order to go back among the toughest competitors of tennis game. This again flashed as the latest sports news.
Novak Djokovic will not be giving out any major statements that would cause a means of destruction in future. He said he figured out the tricks and techniques of Nadal for the game not for the life.
Novak released a few of the statements in sports events that they both are going to have a couple of matches in the future and on different scales. There were sports headlines that he is really looking forward to those matches. He believes that they will be on a better term since this competition has caused a significant difference both on his personal and professional life.


Sport Events in 2019


Sport Events in 2019
A brief summary of the sport events schedule that are going to take place in the year 2019.:
Sports events to take place in January
Darts PDC World Championship on 1 January. Championship final taking place at Alexandra Palace. 5-13: BDO World Championship.
Football 4-7: FA CUP third round. 5: Asian Cup (UAE) 8-9: Carabao Cup Semifinal first legs. 19: Scottish Cup fourth round. 22-23: Carabao Cup Semifinal second legs. 25-28: FA Cup fourth round.
Tennis 1-5: Hopman Cup taking place in Perth, Shenzhen Open. 1-6: Qatar Open, Tata Open, Brisbane International, ASB Classic. 7-12: Hobart International
Cricket 15 January: West Indies Board XI v England 23-27 January: First test West Indies v England.
Cycling 18-20 January: Track World Cup. 26-27 January: Track World Championship.
Golf 16-19 January: HSBC Championship. 31 January: Saudi International, Phoenix Open.
Sports Events to be taken place in February
Cricket 9-13 February: West Indies v England. 20 February: One-day International West Indies v England.
Tennis 1-2 February: Davis Cup first round. 17-23 February: Dubai Duty Tree Championships.
Football 9 February: Scottish Cup Fifth round. 12-13, 19-20 February: Champions League. 14 February: Europa League round of 32 first legs. 17 February: Women's FA Cup fifth round. 24 February: Carabao Cup Final.
Sports events to be taken place in March
Football 1-3 March: Scottish Cup sixth round 5-6,12-13 March: Champions league round of 16 second cup 6-10 March: Europa league round of 16 first legs 14 March: Europa league round of 16 second legs 17 March: Women's FA cup quarter-finals 20-21 March: Women's champions league quarter-final first legs
Cricket 2 March: fifth one-day international: west indies v England (St Lucia) 5 March first T20 international: west indies v England (St Lucia) 8 March: second t20 international: West Indies v England (St. Kitts) 10 March: Third T20 International: West Indies v England (St. Kitts)
Tennis 4-17 March: BNP Paribas open (Indian wells) 18-30 March: Miami Open
Snooker 4-10 March: players championship (Preston)
Motor Cycling 10 march: Losail MotoGP 16-17 March: world Super bikies (Thailand) 31 March: MotoGP (Termas de Rio Honda)
Golf 7-10 March: Arnold Palmer Invitational (Florida), Qatar Masters (Doha) 14-17 March: The Players Championship (Florida) 27-31 March: world golf championships-Dell Technologies Match Play (Texas)
Sports Events to be taken place in April
Tennis 1-7 April: Volvo Open (Charleston) 15-21 April: Rolex Masters (Monte Carlo) 20-21 April: TENNIS Fed Cup semi-finals
Cricket 5 April: Start of County Championship season
Football 6-7 April: FA Cup semi-finals 9-10 April: Champions League quarterfinal first legs 11 April: Europa League quarter-final first legs 13-14 April: Scottish Cup semi-finals 14 April: FOOTBALL Women's FA Cup semi-finals 16-17 April: Champions League quarterfinal second legs 18 April: Europa League quarter-final second legs 20-21 April: Women's Champions League semi-final first legs
Golf 11-14 April: The Masters (Augusta, Georgia)
Sports events to be taken place in May
Football 2 may: Europa league semifinal first leg 4 may: final weekend of football league season 9 may: Europa League semifinal second legs 12 may: Premier League season finishes 18-19 may: final round of Scottish premiership matches
Golf 2-5 May: Volvo china open (Chengdu) 9-12 May: British Masters (Southport) 16-19 may: US PGA Championship (New York)
Tennis 4-12 May: Madrid Open 13-19 May: Internazionali BNL d'Italia (Rome)
Cricket 3 May: One-day international: Ireland v England (Malahide) 5 May: T20 international: England v Pakistan (The Oval) 11 May: Second one-day international: England v Pakistan (Ageas Bowl) 11-12 May: Royal London One-Day Cup semi-finals 17 May: Fourth one-day international: England v Pakistan (Trent Bridge 19 May: Fifth one-day international: England v Pakistan (Headingley)
Sports events to be taken place in June
Football 1 June: Champions League final (Madrid) 5-9 June: Nations League Finals, including England v Netherlands semi-final (Portugal) 7-8 June: Euro 2020 qualifying match day three 10-11 June: Euro 2020 qualifying match day four
Cricket 3 June: World Cup: England v Pakistan (Trent Bridge) 8 June: World Cup: England v Bangladesh (Cardiff 14 June: World Cup: England v West Indies (Ageas Bowl) 18 June: World Cup: Afghanistan v England (Old Trafford) 18-25 June: England women T20 series v West Indies 21 June: World Cup: England v Sri Lanka (Headingley)
Golf 13-16 June: US Open (California) 20-23 June: BMW International Open (Munich), 20-23 June: KPMG Women's PGA Championship (Minnesota)
Tennis 10-16 June: Mercedes Cup (Stuttgart) 17-23 June: TENNIS Gerry Weber Open (Halle) 23-30 June: Nature Valley International (Eastbourne)
Sports events to be taken place in July
Tennis 1-14 July: The Championships (Wimbledon) 15-21 July: Swedish Open (Bastad)
Cricket 2-7 July: England women ODI series v Australia 3 July: World Cup: England v New Zealand (Chester-le-Street) 9 July: World Cup semi-final (Old Trafford) 24-27 July: Test: England v Ireland (Lord's)
GOLF 4-7 July: Irish Open (Clare), JM Open (Minnesota) 11-14 July: Scottish Open (North Berwick) 18-21 July: The Open championship (Portrush)
Swimming 12-28 July: World Aquatics Championships (Gwangiu)
Sports events to be taken place in August
Golf 1-4 August: Women's British Open (Milton Keynes) TENNIS 5-11 August: Rogers Cup (Toronto) 18-24 August: Connecticut Open (New Haven)
Cricket 1-5 August: First Test: England v Australia (Edgbaston 14-18 August: Second Test: England v Australia (Lord's) 22-26 August: Third Test: England v Australia (Headingley)
Sports events to be taken place in September
Cricket 4-8 September: Fourth Test: England v Australia (Old Trafford) 12-16 September: Fifth Test: England v Australia (The Oval) 21 September: Vitality Blast finals day (Edgbaston) 26 September: Final round of County Championship season
Golf 13-15 September: Solheim Cup (Gleneagles) 26 September: Alfred Duhill Links Championship
FOOTBALL 8-10 September: Euro 2020 qualifying match day six
Sports events to be taken place in October
Motor racing 3-6 October: Rally GB 13 October: Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka) 24-27 October: Spanish Rally (tbc)
Football 10-12 October: Euro 2020 qualifying match day seven 13-15 October: Euro 2020 qualifying match day eight
Tennis 27 Oct-3 Nov: WTA Finals (Shenzhen) 28 Oct-3 Nov: Paris Masters
Sports events to be taken place in November
Football 14-16 November: Euro 2020 qualifying match day nine 17-19 November: Euro 2020 qualifying match day 10
Tennis 9-10 November: Fed Cup final 11-17 November: ATP Tour Finals (London)
Cycling 8-10 November: UCI Track Cycling World Cup (Glasgow)
Sports events to be taken place in December
Motor racing 1 December: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Yas Marina)
Rugby union 12 December: Varsity match (Twickenham)


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