Football Goalkeeper says Farewell


Gordon Banks sports

Gordon Banks was an Englis, who was a professional football player. He played in the field of football as a goalkeeper and said goodbye to the world on February 12, 2019. He was one of the most vital players of the team. He holds 628 appearances in his 15 –year professional life with unlocking the achievement of 73 caps.

In the remembrance of this outstanding player. Let us recall some moments of his life:
Skills That Caught the Eye
According to a published sports articles about Gordon Banks, at the age of 15, he left his school and worked as a bagger with the local coal merchant. Due to this job, Banks got the opportunity to strengthen his upper body. His entrance was a luck by that time. He started playing for Millspaugh as a goal keeper, when the selected goal keeper decided not to show up for a match. The coach of Millspaugh recognized him as one of the remarkable players in his school football team in Sheffield.
First Contract Club
Gordon Banks signed his first professional football club which was chesterfield. He signed this contract part time with a wage of £3 in the year 1953. He made sports news headlines by his first debut award was received in 1958.
Second Option
In this era, Banks moved from a lower wage to a £7000, but he faced a tough competition from other five goalkeepers around him. Due to this reason the club always considered him as a second option and a sense of rivalry was among the goalkeepers. He made his debut in the city of Leicester when his fellow goalkeeper MacLaren came across an injury. His club decided to test his skills on the ground. Unfortunately, after the match he was sent back to being the second option. But after a defeat from 14 goals of the opponent team, he was called back on the grounds. He got his records set in by 73 caps in a match with scots in 1972.
Accomplishment of Silverware
This was the biggest prize he ever achieved in his football career. 1966 World Cup definitely brought luck in his career. He was ranked as no.1 and managed to keep four straight clean sheets in 3 games along with quarterfinals.
Leicester Dropped
Even after attaining the biggest prize, the club dropped him in the end of year 1966-1967 and gave Peter Shilton the preference. Regardless of being dropped, he still managed to win the league cup in 1972 and had his name published in sports headlines.
His Most Viral Save
In the game with Brazil in year 1970, he saved a goal made by Pele. This was published in many sports articles. The intensity of the goal could be described with the intensity that Pele started to celebrate his achievement while Banks stopped his goal and was recognized as the greatest save ever.
End of Career
In the year 1972 Banks came across a severe car crash. The misfortunate this car crush brought was the loss of sight in the right eye of Banks and a barrier in his football career. Still, he won the title of North American Soccer League Goalkeeper in 1977 as he played the matches with one good eye.


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