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Benneteau, is a French tennis player who was born on 20th December 1981. His full name is Julien Henry Guy Benneteau-Desgrois. He is known for his unfortunate career in tennis, where he made his way to the 10 ATP tournaments, but did not win the title. As per the tennis sports update, he was a runner up in the 10 ATP tournaments in the 2013 Kuala Lumpur finals holding a match point.

Julien Benneteau also reached the quarterfinals of the 2006 French Open and the semifinals of the 2014 Cincinnati Masters. Although, he never won a singles title, Benneteau has won a lot of medals in the doubles. He won the bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics. He won the doubles title for the 2014 French Open and became the first tennis player from France to win this title. His name was all over the sports news channels, when he received a high career ranking in November 2014.
The impressive tennis player retired in October 2018, after the US Open. He walked out of the court with no regrets. He said he had achieved many victories which could compensate the loss. He won two doubles title, one at the 2009 Rolex Shanghai Masters with Tsonga and the other at the 2013 Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters with Zimonjic and brought pride to his nation.
A popular sports page addressed in its latest news that Julien will be captaining the France's Fed Cup team after his retirement. The French player had always dreamt of becoming the number one player in the world like any other player would dream of. But as he started the juniors tour, he realized that it wasn't easy. Even though it was tough he made it to the Davis Cup.
Unfortunately, he had to end his career with zero singles titles. Numerous sports articles were all over the internet about Julien Benneteau's decision to retire after such a promising career. His fans will miss everything about him. From crisp clothes to the compact backhand. He was a classic tennis player and his playing style is matched by no other player.
The French player began his professional career in the year 2000. He won his first match in Lyon in the year 2001. He was 19 years old back then. Since then he has been winning hearts for his excellent tennis matches. There were numerous sports updates all over the world about how he made the viewers cheer with excitement in the tennis courts.
His fans claim that he played with depth and defended very well. Fans have commented on various sports pages about how much they loved when Benneteau would make smart approaches into the net.
Moreover, he is known for two major matches. One that he played against Federer in Wimbledon 2012. According to many sports articles, his fans and also the statistics, he was the only player that went so close to beat Federer in the history of Tennis. It is considered to be the best match of his career.
The other match was the one in which he lost the singles title. This was also his last match. But according to Benneteau's statement to the various sports news channels, he has no regret as he counts his achievements more valuable.


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